Reducing workweek

We have to work not 12 hours, and head.

I wonder why programmers strive to increase their salary instead of reducing the workweek. In the current state of the market, salaries cover much more than basic needs, so part of a salary could be easily traded for some free time.

Why would you want to reduce the workweek? There are rumors that only 5—6 hours of the standard 8-hour workday are spent productively. How remaining 2—3 hours are spent? I bet you know better. The most suffering group is office workers. Remote workers who are not required to track their time have a better position. They can just make the necessary work and get to their business without waiting for the workday to end.

There is a way to test drive reduced workweek without changing your employer. You can negotiate reducing workday or workweek at the expense of vacation. I used vacation days to try 4-day workweek for around 2 months. Recommend it!